Sanderson web portal helps Evenort improve customer service

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Sanderson will help stainless steel processor Evenort Ltd improve customer service and cross-selling online with the new 'web portal' module for its Unity manufacturing solution.

Evenort Ltd, based in Sheffield, is a leading processor of stainless steel specialising in bar processing, stainless steel and nickel alloy flanges, advanced machining and deep water shipments. Evenort has used Sanderson software for the last decade and two years ago implemented the Unity solution to provide an integrated, modular system to manage and grow its business.

Through commissioning independent research Evenort discovered it had an excellent reputation with customers for service and quality, but typically customers only knew of the product areas they specifically purchased. Evenort decided a website would be an effective platform to help cross-sell its products, but only if the website gave an 'added value' service which would encourage customers to visit it frequently.

Evenort knew customers valued its ability to provide instant, up-to-date information about their orders - available via the Sanderson system. Making such details available online would encourage customers to visit the new website regularly, so Evenort approached Sanderson to develop a 'web portal' for customers to view the information online.

The web portal integrates directly to the Sanderson software and is accessed via Evenort's website using a secure log-in. Customers can now track orders and view dispatch lists, order history and proof of delivery, as well as requesting exact copies of test certificates, invoices and statements, which are automatically emailed from the Sanderson system.

Craig McKay, Director at Evenort comments:
"The web portal will further enhance the Evenort purchasing experience and, by encouraging frequent visits to our website, help us to improve customer awareness of our product range. The web portal will also reduce the volume of incoming calls to our sales staff, enabling them to dedicate greater time to sales activities."

Steve Shakespeare, Managing Director for manufacturing systems at Sanderson said:
"Evenort has extended a key benefit of the Sanderson solution directly to its customers - the ability to view, collect and manage information in one integrated system. By using the Sanderson web portal, Evenort is providing customers with a direct look into the system that manages its business - there is simply no better way to share such information with its customers."

About Evenort
Incorporated in Sheffield 1982, Evenort's commitment to a continuous process towards manufacturing excellence, has established the company as a reliable partner in the processing of Stainless Steel.

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